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The Books Of Boundaries

The Black Of Boundaries

Every problem on this planet, from wars to divorce, could be completely eradicated if we, as the human race, decided to draw and rigorously enforce boundaries. God established a series of boundary systems, starting from the moment He separated the light from the darkness; this is because He knew what would happen if two worlds or two systems were to collide with one another. They would stall one another, and the stronger system would cancel out or destroy the weaker one. In the Black Book of Boundaries, you will come to understand God’s original purpose and design for boundaries. This book will give you the language, the tools and the confidence needed to start establishing boundaries and order in your life so that you can finally experience peace, prosperity and love on every side!

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The Blue of Boundaries

The Blue Book of Boundaries is the third installation of The Book of Boundaries’ series, and this powerful, revelatoryand eloquently written guide will change the way that you respond to life, narcissists and the topic of boundaries as a whole! If you’ve wrestled with saying “no,” this series will give you the information, understanding and the confidence needed to finally walk in your God-given and God-approved authority! You will learn how to introduce old friends to new boundaries and so much more! You will also learn a little about demonology or, better yet, the spiritual side of the wrestling match that you’ve been in so that you can learn to win on both sides! This book will absolutely wreck your theology and change your life for the better! The Blue Book of Boundaries is a must-have for empaths and prophetic believers!

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The Red of Boundaries

The Red Book of Boundaries is the fifth and final installation of The Book of Boundaries’ series. In this fiery, informative and powerful book, you will turn back the hands of time and step into history to discover the root cause of many of your issues. You will learn about generational curses and how to break them. All the same, you will come to understand the reason behind the many storms you’ve faced over the course of your life, and how to stop them once and for all!The Red Book of Boundaries will teach you to cross over from your Egypt and into the promises of God for you! This book will help you understand how Satan fights; this way, you can learn to be more efficient and strategic in your response to his attacks. This is a book of war and a book of freedom!


The Green of Boundaries

The Green Book of Boundaries will take you deeper into the revelation of boundary-setting. Coined the “book of language,” this mind-blowing and wisdom-packed guide will help you to give language to many of the experiences you may have had as a result of not understanding or setting solid boundaries or not clearly understanding who you are. Please note that not setting or enforcing boundaries is an identity issue! In this impressive, heavy-hitting and enlightening book, you will get a better understanding of who you are, how you’re wired and why God created you in the first place!The second installation in the Book of Boundaries’ series, The Green Book of Boundaries is overflowing with information, revelation and confirmation! It is both pragmatic and revelatory!


The Purple of Boundaries

The Purple Book of Boundaries is the fourth installation of The Book of Boundaries’ series. This detailed and thought-provoking book will introduce you to the reality of what we call “seasons.” In this book, you will discover why you keep circling the same mountains and, of course, how to break this vicious cycle!One of the best ways to describe The Purple Book of Boundaries is “potent.” Every book in this series is powerful and undiluted, but this particular book is so packed with revelation and information that it would be nearly impossible for you to walk away with eyes-wide-shut! This is a book of freedom; every page has been baptized in revelation and truth! This is definitely a must-have for prophets, prophetic people and empaths!

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