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Open your eyes and prepare to see the unyielding truth! Top Heavy, Bottom Fed is about to shatter every thing you thought you knew about serving the Lord. God said those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. How is it then that the average American church has invited pagan practices into its pulpits and pews? You will:

•Discover how the welfare system works against the Believer.

•Discover how the rise of false gods continue to bring down the American system and the churches that submit to it.

•Learn the history and setup of the American governmental system and its practices.

•Witness how the system demoralizes and persecutes a church that attempts to merge with it. •Learn what are principalities, powers and devils! The truth will shock you!!!

•Find out how so many believers are whoring themselves to this devil-made system!

•And much more!


You will never be the same after reading Top Heavy, Bottom Fed. This book is full of truths that will shock even the most astute believer!

Top Heavy, Bottom Fed

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