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This powerful and on-time book is for single and married Christian women alike! Find out the power of submission in this detailed, thought-provoking read. In our culture today, the word "submission" is misunderstood, and because of this, many Christian households shun the idea of a wife submitting to her husband. As a result, God has been cut out of many marriages and Christian marriages are failing at the same rate as worldly marriages. In this powerful book, you will learn:

•The differences between passiveness and submissiveness- The truth will shock you!

•Why Satan hates submission.

•The power and effectiveness of true submission.•

How to submit to your husband, whether he's godly or ungodly.

•When you are not required to submit.•

The signs of a controlling man and how to avoid him.

•How controlling men use money, scriptures and sex to manipulate and control their wives.

•How the Jezebel spirit uses our fear of submission to establish itself as the governing authority over our households.

•Signs and behaviors of the Jezebel spirit and how to rid your home of it.


If you're single, this book will help to prepare you to be the wife God has designed you to be and help you avoid the many narcissistic devils that Satan has sent out to entrap you. If you're married, this book will help you to become the wife God has designed you to be and to change the temperature of your marriage from lukewarm to blessed.

The Submissive Wife

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