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There are many books on the market that help women to heal "after" their husbands have committed adultery, but there aren't many books designed to help women "during" their husbands' affairs. Shattered Vessels: How God Deals with an Adulterous Husband isn't your ordinary self-help book for women who are the victims of an adulterous spouse. This powerful and informative book is a wisdom filled guide that details the behaviors, spirits, and emotions that are present in a family divided by adultery. Additionally, this book provides the answers so many women have been searching for in relation to their rights as Christian wives.If you are in the midst of a storm brought on by adultery, this book is for you! If you know someone who's marriage has been attacked by the spirit of adultery, be sure to bless them with this book and they'll thank you later!It's time to expose the enemy and eradicate him from our marriages once and for all!

Shattered Vessels

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