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Proverbs of Fire is a powerful collection of quotes and anecdotes that have been written and published by Tiffany “AnointedFire” Buckner via social media. This powerful book will encourage you, correct you, and humor you at times. It will also inspire and challenge you, thus helping you to move to new heights in understanding, love and patience. Proverbs of Fire was birthed after the Holy Spirit instructed author Tiffany Buckner to take many of the messages she's shared online and place them in a book. What resulted was a power-packed and heaven-sent guide filled with more than one thousand quotes, messages and short stories. Proverbs of Fire is in no way a part of the Bible, nor is it an attempt to redefine the Scriptures. The information contained in this book is simply wise quotes and information shared with and through Kingdom Ambassador, Tiffany Buckner. It is not an extension of the book of Proverbs; it is a devotional style book with quotes that come straight from wisdom's table.

Proverbs Of Fire

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